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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Back to school can be less stressful with a bit of preplanning and organization. Continue reading

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Chaos in a box!

I just spent 10 days confined to a 25 foot space with 4 boys and a dog!  That’s right we traveled cross-country pulling our camp trailer and I have lived to tell about it!  I actually have fond memories and … Continue reading

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It started with Words of Wisdom

Yesterday, I posted my weekly words of wisdom on my Chaos Control Facebook page.  Drop out of one committee or evening meeting and dedicate that time to family activities. Sounds easy doesn’t it?   Not if you are doing committees for multiple children, … Continue reading

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Travel Lesson from Mom

I must admit, after traveling this weekend, I feel somewhat out of control. I am not sure if it was my brain over stimulated or just the shear fact of not doing anything for two days. The weekend consisted of … Continue reading

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