A cure or two for a back to school hangover

This was shared with me in an email for BusyBodyBook Organizers. It is too funny, but oh so true! I ordered my organizer for the fridge! I can’t wait to get a handle on the chaotic school schedule that is just around the corner!

Thought you’d appreciate a chuckle, a reminder, or a download to cure your back to school hang-over.

How many:

* trips back to the stores for school supplies? What d’ya forget this time? Protractor?

* school forms (multiple sets?) to fill out?
* PTA groups will you sign up for? Just say,”No thanks. I’m already on the”Ways & Means Committee.” Whatever that is?!

* open school nights will you attend? Send the grandparents?
* lunches to prepare? Feel like a Ford assembly line?
* coaches names to remember? Just call them all Rick.
* times will you eat pizza for dinner?
* reminders to breathe (deeply) do you need?

PHEW!!! That’s just for back to school.

What about:

* dinner??? Don’t forget to defrost.
* dentist appointments?
* ironing (bring back the rumpled look, I say!)
* banking – deposits (HA!)
* remembering your passwords
* walking Max, your new puppy (What the …. were you thinking?)

September should be the one month of the year that:

* we should be overdraft protected
* there should be a bill pay moratorium (don’t ya think?!)
* a 4 day work week (mandatory)
* you can present your PTA Membership Card to receive 50% off at the gas station (free at BP)

* buy one, get one free of your favorite wine
* a weekly head to foot massage  (yeah,right!)
* everyone wins a blog giveaway of an iPad!

Check out BusyBodyBook organizers at http://www.busybodybook.com/

How are you handling Back to School?  Share your strategies.


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