End of the School Year

End of the school year BBQ’s, field trips, end of sports parties, class parties, award nights…. Eek gads.  Throw in a family with someone graduating and it feels like a merry-go-round spinning out of control. Stop the world I don’t want to participate in the multiple end of the school year activities.

This is certainly a VERY chaotic time.  I would have to say that the end of the school year brings me anxiety just thinking about it. To cope with that end of the year activities my first tip is to breathe.  Take time to enjoy this special time.  Our kids have worked hard and now is the time to showcase their hard work.  You don’t want to be so worked up and stressed that you can’t enjoy the moment.  Remember relax and breathe.

A calendar is a MUST.  You need to get all the fine details out of your brain onto paper.  Not only will this help keep everyone in the family “in the loop” but it will free up mind space  to allow you to concentrate on other details. 

Prioritize…Set limits.  If you have tons of activities, then the housework is going to slip.  As long as you have clean clothes and food to eat you are good.  Plan simple meals during this time.  Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. Spaghetti, or anything in the crock pot are easy to prep and require minimal time in the kitchen. 

Limit your participation.  You don’t need to attend every event tha each child has.  Pick one or two events to attend and then be ready to hear all about the exciting news on those you don’t attend. 

For those of you with someone graduating, Congratulations!  Pre-planning and prep is key.  Make lists of what you want to achieve and create a timeline.  Enlist help with many of the details.  Address announcements as a family activity. Purchase the same gift for each of your graduates.  Delegate food prep and  food service to a friend or relative.  Clean the main areas of your home and don’t worry about spaces people won’t see.  Of course, no one is coming to white glove inspect your house.  These simple steps will free you up to enjoy the day and visit with the many people in attendance to celebrate such a grand time.

The week after school is out, schedule sometime for yourself.  I suggest a massage or a pedicure.  This will be the time to reflect on the fun activities and the many wonderful people in your life.   Before you know it, the kids will be bored….

How are you managing the end of the school year chaos?


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