Let’s Talk Dirty!

Do you find yourself avoiding the laundry? With piles in every room, laundry seems like a never ending, unappreciated task. Doesn’t it feel like you just get it under control to find another load screaming for your attention? Now you could just summons your family to wear the same clothes for the entire week, but I am sure your friends and coworkers would not appreciate it. Or stimulate the economy with a daily trip to Wal-mart and purchase new clothes. (That’s what we did in college, right?)

Here is my solution to make your time in the laundry room more efficient and less chaotic:

1. Purchase laundry baskets for all members of the family. I also have one for the bathroom. When my kids were little, I would use one of those dish tubs for them. Each person is responsible for their own laundry. That’s right. All members of my family are responsible for getting the basket to the laundry room and picking it up when it is full.

2. Fold clothes straight out of the dryer. I know that people tend to let laundry pile up and think they will power fold in front of the TV. I have never seen this successful work for those around me. It takes just a few minutes to fold out of the dryer and you just place it in the appropriate basket. This method will almost eliminate the need to iron too. Just hang up your clothes while they are still warm.

3. Do the clothes you hate to fold first. I hate socks! I wish they would magically reunite while in the dryer. I tend to wash whites first, so the rest of the loads are a breeze. Towels are my favorite, so of course, it is the last load. It is just an accomplishment to end my day folding something I like to fold.

4. Do one load a day. This will eliminate the daylong laundry marathon. Nobody likes spending the day waiting for the buzzer to ring to get one step closer to being done with laundry.

5. Have an organized laundry area. Whether it is a room, a closet, or a corner in the basement, having a system with all your detergents, stain removal, and dryer sheets close by will help. I also have a 3 basket laundry sorter to help.  When the kids bring their baskets down, they sort their clothes.  Plus it cuts down on the huge pile in the middle of the floor. 

And to brighten up the job, put a picture of your favorite vacation spot, family photo, or other decorations to help take your mind off the task at hand.

If you need more help getting your laundry under control, give me a call. Of course, you can always drop by and organize my socks for me…


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I am your typical busy mom . As the mother of 3 boys, I am constantly on the go, juggling all of life activities. I recently started over w
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2 Responses to Let’s Talk Dirty!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this Jill! This is by far the thing I struggle with the most… it just makes me SCREAM! I have my oldest doing his laundry (start to finish) but of course his room always looks like a tornado hit with clothes everywhere. He's what I like to call a "crisis washer" which really doesn't do him any good. For the rest of the family though, I LOVE the idea of them each having their own basket that they fill and bring to the washer/dryer area and sort and then pick up when it's full. I will definitely give this a shot. Thanks for this GREAT ideas. Tammi

  2. Alison says:

    Youre a genius. Everyone having their own basket is a great idea.

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