Travel Lesson from Mom

I must admit, after traveling this weekend, I feel somewhat out of control. I am not sure if it was my brain over stimulated or just the shear fact of not doing anything for two days. The weekend consisted of a lot of sitting (which I don’t normally do) and included a fantastic time with my husband’s family.

When I was growing up and staying in hotels, I used to laugh when my mom wanted me to unpack my suitcase and pick up my stuff. We were in hotel, and isn’t being somewhat messy and lazy what you are supposed to do when on vacation? I guess that is a kid’s version. I found myself putting the extra toys, diapers, and books in a drawer. I even designated one draw for dirty clothes! In the bathroom, I immediately put shampoo and body wash in the shower and used a cup to hold the toothbrushes. Oh how my mom would be proud! Organized chaos in a small room is what helps us relax to create a tranquil environment for our belongings.

Driving home with the sun shining on my face felt wonderful! But my mind was on high speed thinking of everything I wanted to get done in the next few weeks. I guess I should have had Tom write things down so I could get rid of some mind clutter, but he was snoozing away.

Once we arrived home, it was off to work for a short while and then home for dinner while relaxing as a whole family again (My oldest stayed home).

Yesterday wasn’t too productive. I managed to complete the unpacking process and visit with a sick child. I have great hopes of accomplishing many items on my never ending “to do” list, but can feel there isn’t much energy to do so. Could it be the sun calling me to come play? Yes and no. With the sun one starts to think yard work, gardening and vacations.

Why is it that on a short week I feel uninspired and lack motivation? Do you feel the same? My solution? Just make a written list of what HAS to be done and enjoy a time of relaxation. There will always be next week and after all it is a full week!

Feel free to share your motivation (or lack of) this week. What projects are you working on?
Don’t forget to stop and let the sun shine on your face.


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