Mental Chaos

Have you ever walked into a room only to forget what you went there for? In the middle of a conversation, do you forget what you were talking about? I can answer YES to both of those on several instances.

I consider these symptoms of mental chaos. We, especially women, are bombarded with hundreds, even thousands of things competing with our attention.

Mental Chaos can lead to clutter and chaos in other areas of life. Here is an excerpt from The Rat Race Trap blog. These are great tips to help clear out your mental chaos.
1. Meditate – There is probably no better way to clear the clutter from your mind than meditating. Try more extended meditation once a day, but you can meditate for short periods of time in a quite place at work if you need to. Try five minutes in a small conference room.

2. Breathe – So very simple and effective. You can do it almost anywhere or anytime. Focus on just a few deep breaths and let your nagging and busy thoughts float away.

3. Single-task – Aside from the productivity benefits, focusing on one thing at a time by definition clears your mind of everything else.

4. Write it down – Almost every productivity system ever invented recommends writing down the things in your head so you they don’t keep popping into your mind.

5. Be Present – Experience the now and let go of all the endless mind chatter and negative thoughts.

6. Worrying – All worry is unnecessary clutter.

7. Filter Your Inputs – Your brain is processing the inputs whether you realize it or not. Put on headphones with soothing music or white noise (I like rain sounds). Go to a quiet room. Stop checking email, Twitter, Facebook, feeds, etc.

8. Say No – Every time you add another task or commitment you add another piece of clutter to your mind. Just say no.

9. Take a media break – Turn off the TV, don’t surf the net for stories or news, and ignore newspapers and magazines. Once you get past the withdrawal symptoms, the resulting peace of mind is incredible.

10. Declutter your space – Decluttering your surroundings will help remove visual clutter from your mind. Less clutter just makes you feel more peaceful.

One last piece of advice from me is that if you are feeling confused or overwhelmed, try drinking a glass of water. I find that sometimes, if I am confused or can’t think clearly a glass of water will help.

If you find that you need help letting go with some of the mental chaos and don’t know where to start, drop me an email and we can see how I can help.


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