10 minute Challenge- Mind Clutter

Now that we have read about mind clutter.  I challenge you to get all your appointments on your calendar, update your address book, or create a housework/chore schedule.  This will help clear your mind and relieve some stress.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to keep a glass of water nearby to stay hydrated!
Here is my weekly cleaning schedule: 
 Monday- Laundry
 Tuesday – Vaccuum
 Wednesday- Bathrooms
 Thursday- Sweep/Mop and Vaccuum
  Friday/Saturday/Sunday- keep the chaos under control

I try to run errands on Thursday.  I get items ready throughout the week to be in the car and ready for Thursday. 

An area I need to focus on is updating the calendar on my fridge.  I tend to keep all appointments in my head.  The can lead me to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Let me know what area you are going to work on to help with your mental chaos.   Good luck!


About chaoscontrol5

I am your typical busy mom . As the mother of 3 boys, I am constantly on the go, juggling all of life activities. I recently started over w
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