10 Minute Challenge

Every week in February I am offering a 10 minute challenge. The activity will take 10 minutes or less (hence the name) but will make a world of difference in your mental lookout and the chaos in your life.

This week, I challenge you to pick a room and fill a box with things to donate. You pick the room and the size of the box, anything from a shoe box to a refrigerator box. This will help give you the boost you need to start with the spring cleaning.

For those who live in the Wenatchee area, Foundation Ministries is having an indoor yard sale on Feb 27th to raise money for a mission trip to Nicaragua. Part of the mission that is dear to my heart of House of Hope, a card making business, helps women leave prostitution and earn money to support them. This is where I will be donating my boxes of items. If you need more information check out: http://www.foundationsministries.net/index.php or http://www.houseofhopenicaragua.com/.

Who is ready to accept the challenge? Feel free to post pictures.

If you need one on one attention, do not hesitate to contact me.


About chaoscontrol5

I am your typical busy mom . As the mother of 3 boys, I am constantly on the go, juggling all of life activities. I recently started over w
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2 Responses to 10 Minute Challenge

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea! I've been so overwhelmed with the process of posting everything on craigslist (which I posted some little boy clothing without a response). It'd be great to have a little extra cash in the pocket but I much prefer to have it go to a much greater cause in need rather than the local Goodwill. Thanks!

  2. Anita says:

    Thanks Jill! Great idea to donate stuff for the yard sale! I am ready to fill a box…. or boxes!!!

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